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Professional Bartender (Mixologist) and National Brand Ambassador for Truman & Orange South Africa

AJ Snetler A.K.A #The_Tattooed_Bartender has been in the bartending/hospitality industry for almost a decade. Originally from Port Elizabeth South Africa, he started his career by working at Georgious Steakhouse, The Coachman on the Bay and SoHo Fusion Lounge. During this time he placed 3rd in the World Class National Finals.

His success brought him to Cape Town, South Africa where he worked at more renowned bars and internationally known names.  His first project was to kickstart the bar at Dropkick Murphy’s with Johan Blaauw. After successfully managing and kickstarting Dropkick Murphy’s he bartended at The Orphanage Cocktail Emporium, where he also competed in a number of competitions such as World Class, Black Bottle and the Havana Club Grand Prix.

He went on to revive The Twankey Bar at The Taj Hotel where he won Belvedere Best Martini,Woodford Best Old Fashioned, Best Bartender, Best Signature Cocktail, Most Loved Bar at the SACW Awards, The Best Social Media Award and Best Hotel Bar at the B.A.R awards.

He is currently appointed as the National Brand Ambassador for Truman and Orange, working with brands such as Don Papa Rum, Fortaleza Tequila, Aviation Gin and Tito’s Vodka.

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Behind the Talent


Tattooed, Bowie-Bashing, Guitar-Shredding, Metalhead-Gangster As Fuck.

Apart from him being a beer downing machine with his friends, AJ is also a loveable family man with formatible roots and a great passion for his home town of Despatch, Eastern Cape. When he is not busy working on reviving bars and blowing people’s minds with his insane tossing skills this humble beast takes the time to unleash with his guitar and alarming metal vocals. He’s well known as the previous lead guitarist for then local bands such as Ulysses and Coran’s Wage.


Full-Patch rider for Lost Sons MC and Harley Davidson enthusiast.

As a dedicated Harley Davidson bike owner and enthusiast AJ quickly found himself joining Lost Sons MC in their Cape Town Charter.

Now Full-Patch brother of the MC AJ is known as The Bartender, a position he clearly fills with heart and soul. Their club is dedicated to brotherhood and the love of the best bike in the world, the Harley Davidson!

View the video below made by a team of professional and friends alike about the lifestyle.


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